Without Chinese fabrics, the Indian army can’t even supply military uniforms.

Without Chinese fabrics, the Indian army can’t even supply military uniforms. Russian netizens: only headscarves and belts are enough



Recently, the Indians discovered that their soldiers would not even have to wear clothes if they were not made in China.

According to reports from Russian military websites, the Indian military recently expressed particular concern about the heavy reliance on Chinese fabrics for Indian military uniforms. Because a recent survey showed that at least 70% of the military uniforms worn by the Indian army are made of fabrics purchased from China.

In response to this issue, the Indian Ministry of Defense stated that it would allow the National Defense Research and Development Organization to produce special fabrics in Indian factories to “end the dependence on China and other foreign fabrics for military uniforms.” However, the Indian side pointed out that this is definitely not a simple task for India.

It is reported that only for the summer uniforms of the Indian Army, 5.5 million meters of fabric are needed every year. If you count the navy and air force, the total length of the fabric will exceed 15 million meters. It is not easy to replace imported products with Indian products. Moreover, this is only for ordinary military uniforms. The fabric requirements for parachutes and body armor are higher. It will be a huge task to realize the replacement of Chinese imports by Indian manufacturing.

Russian netizens ridiculed India frantically. Some Russian netizens replied: Before establishing fabrics for the production of uniforms, India would not be able to fight with China. Perhaps it could only dance. Some Russian netizens said that India is very hot and only needs a headscarf and belt. Some Russian netizens also pointed out that India itself is a fabric producing country, but it still needs to import high-end foreign fabrics to make military uniforms.

It is reported that India has the world’s largest cotton planting area, and its annual cotton output ranks second in the world, second only to China. And because of the low latitude, the quality of Indian cotton is often good, and it is a popular product in the international market. However, despite having sufficient raw materials, India still has to import a large amount of fabrics from China every year, mainly because India lacks processing capacity. The output efficiency of high-end fabrics used in military uniforms is too low, so it has to rely on high-end fabrics produced in China. Fabric. Without Chinese fabrics, the Indian army would not even be able to supply military uniforms.

Post time: May-11-2021